Fluoroscopy Systems

Siemens provides a wide range of fluoroscopy systems to address your needs in fluoroscopy and radiography.


Products & Solutions


I. Remote-controlled Fluoroscopy Systems


Remote-controlled fluoroscopy systems with the X-ray tube over the patient table.  


Luminos dRF Max


  • High-end digital system
  • Wireless detectors and ceiling-suspended X-ray tube option
  • MAX - Multiple Advances in X-ray


    Luminos Select


    Don´t compromise, be select

    • Entry level digital system
    • Image intensifier
    • Fully digital workflow


      Luminos Fusion


      The 2-in-1 system that fits your needs and fits your budget

      • Digital 2-in-1 efficiency
      • Dynamic flat detector and image intensifier version
      • Ceiling-suspended X-ray tube option

        Luminos RF Classic


        Where value meets performance

        • Advanced analog system Image intensifier
        • Broad range of clinical applications


        II. Patient-side controlled Fluoroscopy Systems: Luminos Agile Max


        • High-end digital system
        • Dynamic flat detector
        • Dual-use with fully integrated 2nd plane
        • MAX - Multiple Advances in X-ray